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Winter Coat

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OEM Cotton 65% Polyester 35% 3 Color Desert Camouflage Army Winter Coat Jacket for Saudi Arabia Military

Product Introduction

Winter coat

Winter coat is a garment worn on the upper body by either sex for warmth. Winter Coats typically have long sleeves and are open down the front, closing by means of buttons, zippers, hook-and-loop fasteners, toggles, a belt, or a combination of some of these. Other possible features include collars, shoulder straps and hoods.


Camouflage Pattern & Color

3-Color Desert

The 3-Color Desert pattern was created in early 90's as a response to the need of equipping a large number of the U.S. Army combat staff in camouflage uniforms suitable for desert warfare following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi Forces in 1990. Although in full production by 1991, only a very small number of examples are known to have reached the United States forces during the actual Operation Desert Storm. The camouflage pattern was then used up until the early 2000s when it slowly began to be discontinued, first within the U.S. Marine Corps. Consisting of beige and earth brown horizontal waves placed on a sandy background, the general purpose 3-color desert camouflage design proved to be more suitable to sparsely vegetated, sandy regions and was since copied and adopted by many nations around the world.

Specification Options


Fabric Material: 100% Polyester Fabric ; 100% Nylon Fabric ; 100% Nylon 6.6 Fabric ; Laminated Fabric ; Can be Customized.

Weaving Style: Plain / Twill / Ripstop ; Can be Customized

Yarn Count: Can be Customized

Yarn Density: Can be Customized

Weight: Can be Customized

Camouflage Pattern & Color: Can be Customized

Coating: PU / PVC ; Can be Customized

Function: Water Repellant ; Waterproof 1000mm/2000mm/10000mm ; Fire Retardant ; Can be Customized


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